Welcome to Wires-X Fusion Room "Name Ham Shack Cafe", Room # 86134, Node # 76134, from Station M7WDX.  

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Ham Shack Cafe'

Wires-X DTMF Node ID : 76134  (in setup)

Wires-X DTMF Room ID : 86134  (in setup)

Wires-X Room NAME :  Ham Shack Cafe'  (in setup)

Status:  OFF LINE


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STATION Callsign :  M7WDX

Station Operator :  Larry

Status:  UP

Station Time:  GMT+1  (UTC-1)

Station Monitors:  HF / VHF / UHF / 86134

Yaesu FT-991A + MFJ-941E.

Wires-X HRI-200 + Yaesu FT-7900 [Analog Mode]

Station Location:  Yaxley (near Peterborough),  U.K.

What3Wrods:  cautious.subtitle.postcard

[ North of the city of London about 75 miles ]

Lat  52° 31' 36'' N   Lon  0° 17' 21'' W

Grid IO92um

CQ Zone 14

ITU zone  27


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